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SPEED Simply put, speed is king.  Faster athletes perform better, make life tough for their competition, and get noticed.  At Accelerate Athletics we put a premium on speed development.  The beauty of our program is that any athlete, any age, can improve their sprinting and change of direction ability.  How?  Through slow-motion bio-mechanical analysis and specialized exercises we can pinpoint exactly what the athlete needs to improve on and teach them how to do it.  More is not better, better is better.  Speed development should be a specific task that doesn’t turn into a cardiovascular assault.  We train smart AND hard, and our athletes reap the rewards.
STRENGTH It’s no secret that stronger athletes can produce more force in their sport of choice.  At Accelerate Athletics we are able to put an ability specific strength program to aid in your young athletes development.  We place an enormous emphasis on movement quality and technique.  This ensures that we are creating mobile, strong, injury free athletes that have supreme confidence when they lace ’em up to compete.  “You can’t shoot a cannon ball out of a canoe.” Meaning if you are weak and flimsy you can’t deliver force in your sport.  Move well, get strong and be the hammer not the nail!


Brian Matthews

Having worked with hundreds of local athletes in the 518 since 2008 Brian has a passion for making local athletes the best they can be.  A hybrid physical prep/strength/speed/mobility coach Brian has written for several fitness publications including Muscle and Fitness.  He has worked with ability levels from youth to the professional ranks. His philosophy is simple (and heavily influenced by World Class coach Henk Kraaijenhof) “Find the right program for your athlete, not the right athlete for your program!  Brian can be reached at

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